Hernan Lab Folks

Curent Lab Members

Pravin Wagley, Neuroscience Program Coordinator

Hayley Holm, Research Assistant I

Akanksha Goyal, BN Graduate Student at the University of Delaware

Mohamed Khalife, ING Graduate Student at the University of Delaware

Trevor Wolf, CMB Graduate Student (co-mentored with James Stafford at University of Vermont) at the University of Vermont

Mohamed Ouardouz, PhD, Researcher Analyst

Sushma Boyapati, NSURP research fellow

Emily Dean, UVM undergraduate researcher

Josh Shelly, UD undergraduate researcher

Lab Alum

Khalil Abed Rabbo, Lab Manager Extraordinaire

Kelly Lee, Summer Neuroscience Undergraduate Research Fellow, Trinity College

Andrew Massey, Undergraduate research intern, University of Bath (UK)

Laura Powers, Undergraduate researcher, UVM

Jake Spiegler, post-baccalaureate researcher

Colin Villarin, Summer Neuroscience Undergraduate Research Fellow and Honors Thesis Student, UVM